fusing nature and science
Mother Nature has been providing the ultimate natural skincare products to keep us beautiful since the beginning of time.
Every plant extract or oil could be an effective beauty product on its own because it contains hundreds of components that work in biochemical unison with your skin. However, when we combine these natural ingredients to create L'uvalla, you end up with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of components working in perfect harmony, each bringing unique properties that enhance and rejuvenate your skin. When we formulated our 100% natural skincare, we gave you an extra boost in these ingredients' effectiveness by using organic ingredients whenever possible. Why isn't every ingredient organic? It's important for you to know that, although all organic ingredients are natural, not all natural ingredients can be organic.
There is a lot of misinformation and confusing labeling out there when it comes to the terms 'natural' and 'organic'.
It is important to note that all organic ingredients are natural. However, not all natural ingredients can be organic. Let's use water as an example. Although water is a natural ingredient, it cannot be organic since it is not from a plant and is not obtained through a controlled organic production method. The same can be said of minerals. These ingredients are not produced in a controlled environment; they are harvested from their natural environment on earth. Here are some definitions to help you.
L’uvalla is commited to 100% natural ingredients in all of our products.
Although the BIO certification allows up to 5% of the ingredients to come from approved synthetic chemicals, our values demanded that we refuse to use any synthetic ingredients in our products. All L’uvalla products are made with 100% natural ingredients and we are proud to be the first products ever approved by COSMEBIO to have '100% Natural' printed on the front of the label.

A vegetable, mineral, marine or animal extract stemming directly from agricultural production or harvesting; existing in or formed by nature; not transformed through chemical production. (Example: water, mineral, etc.)


Any ingredient stemming from plant or animal products (for example: flower extract, honey, etc.), complying with the controlled organic production method: without fertilizers or pesticides, respectful of the environment, no transformation apart from physical transformations (for instance cold pressing)

The power of L'uvalla comes from nature itself, which has been keeping people beautiful for centuries.

Our ingredients come from live plants that have biochemical synergy with your skin to provide powerful nourishment, nurturing and protection.

Conventional cosmetic companies have been perpetuating the myth that natural and organic products are not as effective as their brands, which contain many synthetic chemicals. Many of these conventional products do provide results in the short term. However, after prolonged use, your skin becomes even more unbalanced or dry or the product just isn't effective anymore. You may even notice that your skin has lost its luster or firmness.

This is due to the synthetic chemicals in these conventional products that are foreign to your skin, which rejects them. L'uvalla products work synergistically with your skin to deliver the short term results you need to provide you with deeply healthy and beneficial long term results you want to look your best. Here are just a few of the reasons our skincare products are the powerful solution for you.