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1. What is the Cosmebio/ECOCERT Certification?

Cosmebio is the Professional Association of Ecological and Organic Cosmetics created in 2002 by the collaboration of about ten cosmetic laboratories working on job specifications for ethical cosmetics. ECOCERT is a certification organization that works to promote organic products through its control and certification activities in over 80 countries. ECOCERT is accredited by the USDA for NOP (National Organic Program) standards.

ECOCERT certifies the French label Cosmebio for natural, organic, and sustainable cosmetic products. The goal of the Cosmebio charter is to articulate a clear and simple concept for authentically natural and organic cosmetics. To read more about the Cosmebio standards and learn more about the certification click here to go to the L’uvalla certification page.

L’uvalla merges the luxury and effectiveness of a high-end department store quality French skincare collection with 100% natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients resulting in a truly luxurious high-end organic product. All L’uvalla products are vegan, we never test on animals, and we never use any synthetic ingredients. You can be rest assured that when using L’uvalla you are nourishing your skin with the best and most healing plant extracts and remarkably effective pharmaceutical grade pure essential oils.

No. Since water is not itself an agricultural product and because its environment cannot be controlled to ensure that it is free of all chemical pesticides or fertilizers, it cannot be certified ‘organic'. Water is therefore considered ‘natural' because it comes from a natural source.

Salt, minerals, certain natural emollients and emulsifiers will not be able to receive an organic certification.

Natural emollients actually nourish the skin. They are metabolized by the skin's own enzymes and absorbed into it. They are readily biodegradable and are of edible quality. Natural Emulsifiers hold two ingredients together that normally don't mix. This can be either a physical substance (like a wax) or a physical action (shake well before use). Natural emulsifiers are obtained from various nuts, berries and leaves.

In all cosmetics and skincare products, the top third of the ingredients found on the label generally lists the ingredients that comprise around 90-94% of the product. A large percentage is usually water. The middle third generally represents approximately 5-8% of the product, and the bottom third represents around 1-3%. Because certain natural emollients, emulsifiers, and thickeners mentioned above are not certified organic, products using these ingredients will have a smaller percentage of certified organic in the total ingredients.

Because L'uvalla is certified 100% natural, organic and sustainable, you know you are getting the highest level of naturally healthy skin care, with no synthetic preservatives or chemicals toxins. The plant-based essential nutrients in all L'uvalla products give you the purest nutrients for your skin, using only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils. There are no harsh dyes, synthetic ingredients or chemical refinements of any kind. There is no animal testing, and every phase of the manufacturing process is rigorously controlled to be sustainable and eco-friendly. In short, this is the healthiest skin care choice you can make for yourself and for the environment.

Here are the definitions:

Natural - a vegetable, mineral, marine or animal extract stemming directly from agricultural production or harvesting; existing in or formed by nature; not transformed through chemical production. (Example: water, mineral, etc.)

Organic - any ingredient stemming from plant or animal products (for example: flower extract, honey, etc.), complying with the controlled organic production method: without fertilizers or pesticides, respectful of the environment, no transformation apart from physical transformations (for instance cold pressing)

It is important to note that all organic ingredients are natural; however, not all natural ingredients can be organic. Let’s use water as an example. Although water is a natural ingredient, it cannot be organic since it is not from a plant or animal origin and is not obtained through a controlled organic production method. The same can be said of minerals. These ingredients are not produced in a controlled environment; they are harvested from their natural environment on earth. - See more at: http://luvalla.com/brand/faqs#sthash.UN9L5o6Z.dpuf

At one time it was believed that skin care products did not significantly penetrate the surface, but today we know better. The skin is one of the most important organs of the body, and many researchers now believe that much of what we put on our skin (around 70%) is absorbed and can accumulate in our bodies.

People are often not aware of just how many chemicals are commonly used in skin care products. Parabens, silicones, synthetic preservatives and petrochemicals are commonly used in all personal care products. The chemicals can not only cause skin damage or irritation, but they also create free radicals in your body – one of the main causes of premature aging. Recently, many studies show that these chemicals have been implicated in links to illness, such as breast cancer, and even life-threatening disease.

YES. It's a myth that chemicals are more powerful or effective than natural ingredients. In fact, conventional skin care formulas often have only highly-diluted amounts of active ingredients. Organic products such as L'uvalla do not have fillers, so they have a higher percentage of active ingredients to give you more effective results. In addition, it is a documented fact that organic botanicals are more nutrient dense and are approximately 30% higher in antioxidants, making them extremely effective. As for long term, chemically ladened skincare lines will actually destroy skin cells over time and create free radicals – a main cause of premature aging. TRUE natural and organic skincare products will nourish your skin cells making them stronger and healthier over time, thereby producing the most effective results.

The truth is that with many conventional products, you DON'T know what you're getting. The FDA does not regulate cosmetics in the United States and cosmetics companies commonly create their own names for proprietary ingredients and do not disclose amounts of active ingredients. Currently there are no regulations on the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ on labeling in the U.S. However, L'uvalla is committed to sound ethics, transparency and full disclosure to customers. Our COSMEBIO label guarantees the quality and purity of our ingredients, and all our ingredients are listed on labels and on our website.

When we refer to the "L'uvalla way of life," we are describing a lifestyle that is mindful of personal health and well-being, as well as the health and preservation of the environment. Individuals, like you, that live this lifestyle favor more simple/natural/environmentally friendly products with eco-friendly packaging. You choose to support companies that operate with values that you cherish – companies with strong social responsibility.