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Our Customers Tell Us Why They Love L'uvalla

Wonder if you'll really be able to see and feel a difference from L'uvalla skin care? Don't just take our word for it: here's what some of our customers have to say about their experience with L'uvalla:

Age-Defying System

  1. "I just want to tell you how much I love your magnificent skin care. I have tried practically all the skin care products at Whole Foods and, by far, L’uvalla is my favorite. I love knowing that I am purring such pure ingredients on my skin."


  1. "After experiencing great results with the cleanser and toner for dry skin, I have decided to also buy the mosturizer, eye/lip cream and sunscreen. Because I am finding my skin so much less irritated after using your products, I was wondering if you make any other skin care products, like shampoo, condition, lotion, deoderant, etc. Thank you for your time- and your great products!"


  1. "I love your products! I think your products are put together with such thought and expertise, I am thrilled to have found you!"

    Tami (Santa Barbara, CA)

  1. "I just wanted to let you guys know that your product has changed my life! I actually feel like I have 24 year old skin now. I was given a sample of your face cream and wash in San Francisco and I quickly fell in love and purchased the balancing cream, milk face wash and eye cream. I feel like you are actually a product that is worth the price. Thank you!!!"

    Jasmine (San Francisco, CA)

  1. "Over my life I have always tested and tried new products - never really finding that right combination of everything you need-from drug store brands to department store brands-then to natural brands. Before using L’uvalla I was a permanent Dr. Hauschka user-or so I thought- 1st I bought the Hydrating Milk, LOVED IT! So I bought the Hydrating Toner, Eye Cream, SPF, & Balancing Moisturizer. When I went to buy these one of the founders was there, I thought finally someone who understands what a woman needs and scrapped all that stuff that just weighs you down. She gave me some Clarifying Foam Cleanser, Clarifying Toner,(for my spouse who is Italian and has oily skin) and Hydrating Moisturizer in some sample packs. Obviously I had bought everything else, but here’s the thing--it all works period. I now get carded again, I look fresh, my skin literally drinks the balancing moisturizer-my skin has NEVER looked this good, even when I was 19 and modeling-seriously I will never use anything again. With both the balancing and the moisturizing complete systems you can have perfect skin, summer winter, desert, ocean, plains-this will work and work better than EVERYTHING- Cetaphyl, La Mer, Lancome, Clinique, Clearasil, California Baby,- and yes Dr. Hauschka which before using this was the only thing I would use---so PLEASE come up with a body lotion and body wash!!!!"


  1. "I live in Las Vegas and tried your products recently. My skin drinks them in and glows! I'll gladly help you spread the word."

    Cate (Las Vegas, NV)

  1. "A week ago, I bought an expensive “organic lift” and saw no results. Being distraught that there had to be something else I could do to help with my large pores and fine lines, I began searching the shelves when a gentleman approached me and talked to me about L’uvalla. I had many questions and was somewhat skeptical but bought the Orange Toner, Day / Night Balancing Cream and the Milk Cleanser. I never give testimonials but I felt compelled to do so. My skin after just one week is the best I’ve ever seen it! My pores have diminished; my skin’s texture has changed. I cannot stop looking at myself! :) Thank you so much for this marvelous product of yours. I feel as though I can ward off a facelift for a few years if not for good. I am a L’uvalla customer for life."

    Barbara (San Diego, CA)

  1. "As a physician, patients often ask me what products they should use on their skin. It's only now after trying L'uvalla, that I can wholeheartedly endorse this 100% natural and organic skin care line. I'm very impressed with this product and believe in it!"

    Mark, MD, Maxillofacial Surgery (Las Vegas, NV)

  1. "I purchased this product two days ago and saw a significant difference in my skin within hours after applying it. Having used Dr. Hauschka's line for thirty years, I was hesitant to branch out into unknown territory! Thank you for your wonderful line of skin care! I would be enthralled to share with others my breath-taking experience with my first L’uvalla product!"

    Debby (Arizona)

  1. "Your skincare was the only thing I could use after skin cancer surgery this past summer. Thank you so much for an awesome skincare line!"

    Pat (New York)

  1. "After using L'uvalla on my skin, I felt as though I had just experienced a salon-quality facial, and the best part is, I never left my home! I have tried many products and this is by far the best. It is also great to know it’s 100% Natural."

    Lilian (Santa Monica, CA)

  1. "I tried the Hydrating Milk Cleanser, Eucalyptus toner and the Balancing Day/Night Cream at a friend’s house when she insisted I just try them. As a 20 year old, I don’t really use all that much on my face. When I rinsed off the milk face wash, I looked up at her from the sink and said, “Are you kidding me?” My face felt like it took a warm bath and following with the toner and cream it felt so clean and the eucalyptus smell was fresh and new to me."

    Lindsay (Morris Town, NJ)

  1. "After experiencing great results with the cleanser and toner for dry skin, I have decided to also buy the moisturizer, eye-lip cream and sunscreen. Because I am finding my skin so much less irritated after using your products, I was wondering if you make any other skin care products. Thank you for your time and your great products."

    Rachel (California)

  1. "Dear L’uvalla! Thank you for coming into this world with the most pure, high quality and high performance, producing results and bringing joy while using PRODUCT! This product grows on you with every bit you put on your skin and you grow to love it. I will be proud and happy to introduce it to as many friends as possible. I am sure they will share my experience of joy."

    Elena (San Francisco, CA)

  1. "I wanted to take a minute and let you know that I will NEVER go back to any other competing product without trying yours first. I came across your facial cleansers and lotions by accident, and have never been happier with how my skin looks. You have some GREAT products."


  1. "I used each and every sample and wanted to tell you that after three days all of the psoriasis lesions on my face have disappeared."

    Maria (Las Vegas, NV)

  1. "I’ve tried many skin care products, but I’ve never experienced any that made me change my morning rituals. I now make time to wash my face with L’uvalla products because if I don’t use them it actually changes my day. I love the feeling of my face after using the three products each morning, so much so that I use them each night as well. My shine is gone but my face has a healthy glow that I’ve never naturally obtained before."

    Risa (Cherry Hill, NJ)

  1. "For years I have been getting facials and using salon products for my face. They seemed to help some. THEN i found L'uvalla. I tried the samples first. In just a week i noticed such a big difference in my skin, its smoother and clearer. I love this product and recommend it to any one who has problem skin. "

    Brooke (kingman az)

  1. "I absolutely love L'uvalla products! I have pretty dry skin and have trouble with other products irritating my skin, especially in the dry winter months. The Milk Cleanser leaves my skin feeling great and not totally dried out and red. And the day/night cream on top of that - even better. I usually have to reapply my moisturizer several times, but I love how this product goes on thicker and feels and smells so amazing! The completely natural ingredients make SUCH a difference, I can really tell. Thank you so much for your product! "

    Kathryn (Atlanta, GA)

  1. "I recently broke out in hives due to stress, most of which was on my face. I used the Hydrating Milk Cleanser as a mask and left it on overnight. What a difference! I cleansed my face the next morning with the Milk Cleanser, used the Eucalyptus Toner and finished by applying the Balancing Cream. It felt so good. My face cleared up in 24 hours. I even used the Balancing Cream on some of the spots on my arm where I was breaking out in hives as well. It calmed my skin down. Thank you l'uvalla. I love you guys!"

    Lisa (Los Angeles, CA)

  1. "I saw a new product demo table at West Hollywood, CA Whole Foods few years ago and noticed his enthusiasm without words. My family owned a health food store so I pretty much tried all just because I have access to it. The balancing cream for my combination skin I loved because it gave me a matt finish with the natural glow. This is by far my fav and can't live without item in my daily ritual. Thanks!!"

    Trina (Studio City, ca)

  1. "I love L'uvalla! The feeling of purity, love of self and nature! Thank you! "

    Oxana (Russia)

  1. "I am moved to write my first product review, ever....Your skin care line saved my skin. I was suffering from dry patches all over, and am sensitive to most, if not all, products on the market. Within a week, the dry patches have been lovingly healed and smoothed, and my skin is glowing...I look at my face now and see me again. I am beyond grateful and am ready for automatic delivery of these beautiful products that clearly are made with great intention and care. Thank you!"


  1. "I have very sensitive skin, prone to breakouts and bumps, and I am allergic to many artificial fragrances. I tried so many expensive and non-expensive creams - Lancome, La Mer, Shisedo, Bobbie Brown, Neutrogena - and would always get nauseous from the smell or break out badly, not to mentioned concerned about all the chemicals in even $300 La Mer products! When the co-founder's sister offered me the balancing day/night creme samples, I was blown away by how radiant my complexion looked after I tried it. In addition, it smelled heavenly and it left my face with a non-greasy but still dewy texture. I am in the holistic health field and I will be recommending it to my patients in New York City for years to come. "

    Jennifer (New York City)

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