Hand & Foot Renewal Treatment - Aromatherapy

A Therapeutic Intensive Treatment for Hands and Feet – A super relaxing, nourishing, fortifying and protective treatment that restores vital moisture & softness while preserving worn out delicate skin on the most utilized parts of the body!  An ideal salon service you can now experience AT HOME!

This is a 5 STEP Aromatherapy treatment for your hands, feet, mood and Spirit!

Gel Emollient Mains & PiedsGEL SOFTENERWater, Aloe Leaf extract*, propanediol, glycerin, Fragrance**, glyceryl caprylate, Myrtle oil*, Tea Tree Leaf oil*, xanthan gum, citric acid.

Huile Nourrissante Mains & PiedsNOURISHING OIL - Sunflower Seed oil*, Castor Seed oil*, Apricot Kernel oil*, Argan Kernel oil*, Jojoba Seed oil*, Borage Seed oil*, Myrtle oil*, Lemon Peel oil*, Parsley Seed oil*, Rosemary Leaf oil*, tocopherol, Fragrance**.

Masque Nourrissant Mains & PiedsNOURISHING MASK – Water, cetearyl alcohol, Lavender Flower water*, Sunflower Seed oil*, cetyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, Beeswax*, coco-glucoside, glycerin, Argan Kernel oil*, glyceryl caprylate, sodium hyaluronate, Palmarosa oil*, Camphor Bark oil, tocopherol, coconut alcohol, Fragrance**, xanthan gum.

Crème Hydratante Mains & PiedsHYDRATING CREAM – Water, Palm oil*, Sunflower Seed oil*, Fragrance**, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, Beeswax*, glyceryl caprylate, Lavandula Hybrid oil*, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, citric acid.

(This treatment also includes a cuticle stick and Epsom Lavender Bath Salts) 


**Fragrance – a Phyt’s proprietary blend of NATURAL essential oils and plant extracts.  Complying with all stringent guidelines of the Cosmebio Certification for optimal health & safety (nontoxic).

- THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT QUALIFY for a RETURN, EXCHANGE or REFUND.  Thank you for your understanding!

 -This product is manufactured in France by Phyt's Laboratories, the exceptional factory that produces our L'uvalla products!  We are extremely excited to offer this unique PROFESSIONAL treatment for at-home use.  Easy to follow product instructions will be included with every order.

- Certified by Cosmebio- 100% Natural, Organic & Sustainable seed to shelf


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