Anti-Aging Rejuvenation 'The Facelift Facial'

Looking for a rejuvenating facelift Facial?  This miraculous SPA treatment will deliver just that!  Meticulously formulated to 'RESET THE CLOCK' on mature aging skin!  This is a deeply LUXURIOUS high-performance indulgence that delivers supreme results after just one use!  This PRO-KIT will visibly tighten, firm, intensely nourish and hydrate your skin while producing a lasting RADIANT GLOW post-treatment!   This product contains patented formulas & unique natural actives that are clinically proven to deliver radical RESULTS within minutes!  Successfully targeting and effectively combating multiple signs of aging and cell structure decline. 

The Serum Multi Vita is a groundbreaking beauty achievement formulated with the patented MULTIVITAMIN COCKTAIL-Cévéblé®- A one of a kind hybrid of Phyto-actives that produces tighter, firmer, younger-looking skin upon proper absorption.  In addition, the miraculous CREAMY MASK treatment contains an innovative French Milk Protein that initiates an impressive 'mechanical lift' and a radical smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles.  The extensive ingredient composition in this STELLAR Facial will activate poor circulation, revitalize fatigued skin, strengthen loss of elasticity, deliver intense HYDRATION, stimulate collagen production, aid in connective tissue repair, and temporarily increase cellular turnover in mature aging skin.  ~This is 'The GO-TO Anti Aging Facial' for a potent youthful BOOST at a professional salon! 

BONUS OFFER- this Spa Facial is also a '7 STEP AROMATHERAPY HEALING' for your mood and wellbeing!   You will experience an uplifting emotional shift during your treatment - guaranteed!

Lait De SoinCLEANSER– Water, Sunflower Seed oil*, Palm oil*, cetearyl alcohol, Fragrance**, coco-glucoside, glycerin, glycerol stearate citrate, cetearyl glucoside, Hazel Seed oil*, Beeswax*, glyceryl caprylate, Lemon Peel oil*, Lippia Leaf/stem extract*, Frankincense resin extract*, Yarrow oil*, xanthan gum, citric acid.

Tonique -TONER – Water, Lavandula Hybrida Flower water*, Maris Sal extract, Bilberry Fruit extract*, Rosemary Leaf oil*, Thyme Flower Leaf oil*, Italian Cypress oil*, Spiny Rest Harrow root extract*

Prelude 108 – Intensive Activating GEL – Water, Lavandula Flower water*, acacia senegal gum, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed rhizobian gum, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark oil*, silica, Horsetail Leaf extract*.

Serum Multi Vita – Multi-Vitamin Cocktail SERUM+Cévéblé® – Water, Lavandula Hybrida Flower water*, Fragrance**, saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, carrageenan, glycerin, glyceral caprylate, Wheat Seed extract, Carrot Root extract*, Sunflower Seed oil*, Palmarosa oil*, Lavandula Hybrida oil*, Lemon Peel oil*, Acerola Fruit extract*, Maltodextrin*, tocopherol, Yellow Gentian Root extract*, zinc gluconate, citric acid.

Serum Anti-Rides – Anti Wrinkle SERUMSunflower Seed oil*, Hazel Seed oil*, Wheat Germ oil, Castor Seed oil*, Rosemary Leaf oil*, Lavender oil*, Italian Cypress oil*, Thyme Flower/Leaf oil*, tocopherol.

Masque Liss & Lift – Super Creamy Firming Lifting MASKSunflower Seed oil*, pentylene glycol, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, glycerol stearate citrate, cetearyl glucoside, arachidyl (fatty) alcohol, Hazel Seed oil*, Shea Butter*, Milk Protein, Lavandula Hybrida oil*, Lemon Peel oil*, Rosemary Leaf oil*, Thyme Flower/Leaf oil*, Wheat Germ oil, Acerola Fruit extract*, Maltodextrin*, behenyl (fatty) alcohol, arachidyl glucoside, tocopherol, xanthan gum, arginine.

Crème Absolue – Luxurious Moisturizer Water, Hazel Seed oil*, Palm oil*, cetearyl alcohol, Sunflower Seed oil*, pentylene glycol, cetearyl glucoside, Calendula Flower extract*, Wheat Germ oil, tocopherol, Lavandula Hybrida oil*, Lavender Herb oil*, Bitter Orange Leaf/Twig oil*, Italian Cypress oil*, Rosemary Leaf oil*, Thyme Flower/Leaf oil*, Sweet Marjoram Leaf oil*, Lemon Peel oil*, Tarragon oil, Common Yarrow oil, Ylang Ylang Flower oil*, Sage oil*, Clove Bud oil*, phenethyl (aromatic) alcohol, xanthan gum, citric acid.


**Fragrance – a Phyt’s proprietary blend of NATURAL essential oils and plant extracts.  Complying with all stringent guidelines of the Cosmebio Certification for optimal health & safety (nontoxic).

- THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT QUALIFY for a RETURN, EXCHANGE or REFUND.  Thank you for your understanding!

 -This product is manufactured in France by Phyt's Laboratories, the exceptional factory that produces our L'uvalla products! Easy to follow step by step instructions will be included with every order.  

- Certified Cosmebio- 100% Natural, Organic & Sustainable from seed to shelf and always CRUELTY-FREE!


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