Age-Defying System

STEP 1: CLEANSE - Hydrating Milk Cleanser is a vegan cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping vital moisture from dry or mature skin. Formulated with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents like Wild Chamomile, Passionflower, and Lotus Extract, it calms and soothes your skin while providing intense hydration. Meadowsweet, a natural source of Beta Hydroxy Acid, leaves your skin refreshed and clean without the residue left by other milk cleansers. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, ingredients such as Hazelnut and Sunflower lock in moisture while rejuvenating the skin.

STEP 2: TONE - Orange Toner effectively minimizes pores while calming and refreshing your skin, with ingredients such as Mallow, Verbena, and Mistletoe, which also soothes and heals irritation and bumps caused by shaving and waxing, without the damaging effects of alcohol. Formulated with the anti-aging properties of Bitter Orange Leaf and Horsetail Leaf, this toner will boost circulation and rejuvenate the connective tissue of your skin.

STEP 3: MOISTURIZE - Regenerating Day/Night Cream is a luxurious, high performance, protective moisturizing cream that uses Hazel Seed and Palm Kernel to protect your skin from losing vital moisture. Infused with rare Argan Oil, which contains twice the vitamin E of olive oil, this moisturizer stimulates cells, regenerates tissue and reduces fine lines and wrinkles by boosting your skin's natural collagen production. Formulated with extracts of Rose Geranium, Thyme, Lavender, and Lotus Flower, this cream promotes youthful suppleness and helps skin rebound from damaging pollution and airborne toxins.

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